Haiti: LDWB considered an intervention after the earthquake

After the earthquake that hit Haiti on January 10th, LDWB’s branch in Belgium, led by Isabelle Corten, got in touch with several groups created to help the country. Lighting Designers Without Borders could take part in the projects presented by two Belgian NGOs: Fokal (promoting knowledge) and Quartiers pour Haiti (construction specialists).

LDWB becomes a part of the project with the two Belgian NGOs.

LDWB and Belgian NGOs Fokal and Quartiers pour Haïti decided to join forces in order to renovate Gingerbread historical neighborhood and Martissant Park. LDWB started to look for sponsors and another branch of the association was created in Santo-Domingo for the occasion, to facilitate contacts on site.

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The team

Pilote : Isabelle Corten, isabelle@isabellecorten.eu
Gina Calventi, basée à Saint-Domingue
Jean-Philippe Corrigou
Raphaël Girouard
Jean-François Glière
Francois Magos
Christine Michelangeli
Micaela Parsdotter Andersson
Nathalie Rozot
Edouard Sacre


Fokal : http://www.fokal.org
Quartiers pour Haïti : http://www.quartierspourhaiti.be

Conférence NEW YORK Parsons School

Intervenants : Isabelle Corten, Nathalie Rozot.

CLSF présente à la Parsons School de New York sa démarche et ses différents projets en Haïti.
“From the Right to Light to the Right Lights “
Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Auditorium, Sheila C. Johnson Design Center 66 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10003

“In a public event hosted by Parsons for the International Year of Light (IYL2015) and curated by Parsons professor and IES education columnist Nathalie Rozot, speakers will present project initiatives of public interest. The premise of this program is that lighting design is not a field known for socially-engaged work, and that the importance of quality lighting in the constructed environment in daytime and after hours is under-recognized.

In a panel following the presentation, speakers will debate the role that socially engaged lighting design practices play and how lighting education can support a stronger social culture in practice and discourse in the field of lighting design.

Presentations will include lighting projects in informal settlements in Haiti and in low-income housing environments, and examples of students’ work with underserved communities. Rozot is a longstanding advocate for more social activism in the lighting design professional and educational communities. She is actively involved in several initiatives, and she has presented and published her research and projects on social issues in lighting internationally.

This is the first of two Parsons School of Constructed Environments events held at Parsons for the International Year of Light (IYL2015).