LDWB in South Africa

January 2010
As a member of LUCI association, LDWB takes part in a project led by the city of Glasgow (UK) for Amathole district (East London, South Africa) as part of the Light Links contest organized by LUCI and Thorn Lighting, specialist of industrial lighting systems. This contest allows one city from a wealthy country to volunteer and provide help to a disadvantaged city and realize an urban lighting project. The manufacturer offers 20 000€ in equipment. LDWB will provide technical assistance.


Going to Amathole
May 2010

LDWB began the first phase of its mission in Amathole district (South Africa), in partnership with the city of Glasgow (UK) and Thorn Lighting. A meeting took place on site between the district’s representatives, local lighting specialists and the French delegation formed by three European partners of the intervention.

Three places will be lit up in Amathole. – April 2011

LDWB planned all of its intervention in Amathole district, South Africa. LDWB will provide consulting and technical support to light up three places: the city hall and its nearby environment, the semi-outdoor stage and workspaces of Mdantsane’s art center and Steve Biko Bridge in East London. Vincent Thiesson, leader of the project, will be on site in July with the industrial and contributing member of LDWB, Thorn Lighting, to run some tests and organize training workshops.

Lighting of “east london city hall”